20 cheap cars instead of an expensive one?

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written by owen on 2005-Oct-16.

RedStrip Beer is having some sort of island wide competition involving the collection of bottle caps. The grand prize is a brand new H2 Hummer - appealling to the "all fi dem self" nature in most of us. Wouldn't it be better to have the prizes be 20 cheap cars instead of just one expensive one?

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  1. what determines a winner?

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Oct-17 

  2. collecting the caps is pretty easy for any average drinker. At the end they most likely are going to put all the entries in a drum, shuffle them and randomly pick one out.

    by owen 2005-Oct-17 

  3. And you bet that the winner can't gas the hummer when they get it!

    by mad bull 2005-Oct-17 

  4. Agreed! Especially with the price of gas the way it is nowadays!

    by AngryDog 2005-Oct-18 

  5. Lots of little prizes is one of my favourite ideas.

    I was once stuck in a little town in Spain, waiting for a bus, while every radio and tv in the region was blasting hours worth of winning numbers in some lottery where hundreds of people won 1000 euros.

    by ookpik 2005-Oct-19 

  6. For real, it would benefit more people it they gave away a couple of cheeper cars.

    by stunner 2005-Oct-20 

  7. yes 20 cheap cars is better because then you could have a fleet of taxis.
    And I don't want to imagine driving a hummer on narrow roads, around blind corners. Think of it, a Hummer in Fern Gully. I guess the winner wouldn't even drive it, just wash it and look at it.

    by Gods Child 2005-Oct-20 

  8. @Gods Child

    or maybe they would sell it, thats what I would do?

    by alex13 2005-Oct-21 

  9. 20 CHEAP CARS

    by DJ 2005-Oct-30 

  10. 20 Cheap Cars??? Hell yeah!

    by VibesConnect 2006-May-10