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written by owen on 2005-Jul-27.

I have been hesitant at posting anything early as I did usually. I simply haven't had the time to clear my head on a sunday. Nothing but deadlocks and late projects. So much so that I have not had the time to sit down and think about life, people and God, then think up my weekly post. I simply haven't had the time. maybe next week.

I cannot remember if it was last week they said on the radio that they had discovered a hack that would unlock sexual content in GTA San Andrea's. I was totally appalled that the video game company would make such a game and release it to the public so that 17 year old kids can download the hack and play it. I understand the violence, organized crime, prostitutes, foul language and car theft in the game; but strong sexual content is just too much for my 5 year old son to handle. I propose we rip the game form the shelves and burn them in the streets!

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  1. If you let your son play GTA: SA, then you are the one with a problem, not Take2 or Rockstar North

    by Arie 2005-Jul-28 

  2. my thoughts exactly... but you don't have a kid owen.

    anyways, the game doesn't ship with that functionality unlocked. it's ONLY something that can be unlocked in the pc version, from my understanding. so the game didn't, in anyway, break the rating system. and to top it off, its the ESRB's fault for not finding it. rockstar is supposed to stay out of the rating business/system.

    you should read this: news article

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jul-29 

  3. If I had a kid he'd be playing GTA:SA right now.

    by owen 2005-Jul-29 

  4. haha. mine too. the game rocks. we beat it in two weeks at college with the help of tons of beer. it was a blast. nothing beats playing a game like that, drunk.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jul-29 

  5. grand theft auto is my anti-drug

    by owen 2005-Jul-29