Natural Blues

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written by owen on 2005-Apr-03.

At some point on late friday night (when I should be partying with the honeys but instead chatting on msn) the question came up as to whether everybody has everything they need. And that people only want stuff they don't really need. Then she asked "what about the poor people in the world starving to death in africa etc".
Then I said "is starving to death such a bad thing". I mean its a one way first class ticket to heaven. The whole point is to get to heaven really, if you look at at logically. Blessed are the poor. I think the currently problem the record companies are having with illegal downloads is quite similar to drug addiction.
After hearing the same song a million times on the radio, television, cars with load speakers, cell phone rings, as background music in commercials and in your favorite movies. What can you do? By the time you realize it you are addicted to the song - totally. Even if you didn't like the song in the beginning. When you don't hear the song, you have it playing in the back of you head. You can't go through the day without it. So how are you going to get your "fix"? Buy the CD? Buy the song on the internet? Its a sellers market and the consumers are kids in a school yard.

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  1. <p>Natural Blues as in Moby's Natural Blues?</p>

    <p>Always buy music, by the way. Illegal media is for pussies.</p>

    by Rob Mientjes 2005-Apr-03 

  2. why buy music when you can buy a listen to public radio? I bought Moby's Play Album and I like it very much, natural high.

    by owen 2005-Apr-04 

  3. heres food for thought, the media (radio), is for pussies? i hate the radio with a passion.

    i hate the recording industry that prevents good music from being released. instead, we're all stuck listening to the trendy music on the radio.

    its all a downhill battle. (

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Apr-05