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written by owen on 2005-Jan-09.

So apparently its a new year. A new year that started off pretty badly for the people in a republic in southeastern Asia on an archipelago. Sadness. The old year is over. After we got drunk at all the christmas parties we get a chance once again to get our stuff together. And for those people with your stuff together I dislike your dog biscuits. Anyway there is no use reviewing the previous year because if you do not know what happened why should I waste my time telling you?

Disregard the title of this post it is a reference to a Bob Marley song by the same name ( from the Chant Down Babylon album ). What in the world that song was about? Moving on I am going to be starting some new stuff both online and offline, version 5 maybe, nothing outrageous or anything like posting soft porn as some people have requested.

So 2005 is here and there is nothing we can do about it but Alicia Keys needs to stop wearing weird clothes she is beginning to freak me out now. My calculus test has passed and failed gracefully. I am not going to be a punk about it either, so thanks readers, visitors, posters and commenters you have been have been a big help.

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  1. 2005. yeah, 2005. i like the sound of that.

    glad to have been a part of 2004, happy to be a part of 2005.

    keep it up owen, reggae style.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jan-10 

  2. We don't want soft porn, we want hard porn ;-)

    by arie 2005-Jan-10 

  3. i've been reading your blog awhile. if i may i'd like to link it to my page. your a great read and i'm sure my friends would enjoy you as well.

    ~stop bye sometime

    by nena 2005-Jan-10 

  4. i've gone to soft core porn this year, check my site out. no, seriously.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jan-11 

  5. wtf micheal! what would your mother say? readers bewarned he is not kidding.

    by owen 2005-Jan-13 

  6. Dude, you're having a little bit too much fun here! That's a lot of Smirnoff Ice still rude bwoy! Yes, do the porn, it's good for you!

    by AngryDog 2005-Jan-14 

  7. But I don't understand the Dog! I thought he said that he wasn't going to be looking at any porn this year? Hmmmm....

    by Mad Bull 2005-Jan-15