1. yes.

    "Is that all you can say; yes.? you aren't much of a specker are you?"

    well... no.

    by Hayo 2005-Mar-20 

  2. Sometimes. There are some things not worth the labor (other than juice) though, like eating sunflower seeds in the shell. Too much work for too small a seed. Pistachios are about as small as I will go.

    by Stu 2005-Mar-20 

  3. Only if the squeeze produces a lot of juice...

    by Lori 2005-Mar-22 

  4. why is there never any1 in your chatrooms

    by holly 2005-Apr-05 

  5. different time zones, bring your own party.

    by owen 2005-Apr-05 

  6. uh, maybe, it depends on how hard you have to squeeze.

    by monique 2005-Jun-05 

  7. your moms worth the squeeze

    by The Dark Lord Azdul 2005-Jul-01 

  8. it is such a pain in the ass to squeeze oranges for juice, or any type of squeezable fruit, or vegetable even for any sort of juice. like on christmas morning, my family does this, i guess to make breakfast better, and you know what it really does. so ya, if you are not a lazy person then yes it is worth it. but only if you really want it.

    by laura 2006-Mar-27