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written by owen on 2005-Mar-06.

Sometimes I like to kick back and watch the sun go by. I am a care free kinda guy like that. As a matter a fact I am a very care free mofo. And it hurts my eyes watching the sun like that - you get accustomed to it - after a while. Becoming carefree is like a job that you have to be very good at. You have to be really insensitive - all the time.

I have shoplifted once maybe twice - maybe three times. I never got caught because I usually planned it meticulously. I am an overthinker. My planning usually involved figuring out what the worst possible thing that could happen, from there anything is possible. Never regret. I always use this theory: "you see those old people over there? they had really great sex when they were younger."

Also I hated my high school, really. I got stuck in the geek group even though I wasn't all that bright. I was branded, everybody knew who I was. I was the most popular geek kid in the school. It was an unescapeable fate, even the teachers were mean. Damn you, damn you all to the sun! Thank god I survived that.

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  1. That was the most random entry you've ever written.

    by Mike 2005-Mar-07 

  2. i too, was branded a 'semi-geek' by being put in honors classes and ap classes, but, in difference to your high school, it was cool to be smart.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Mar-08 

  3. Where did you go to High School?

    by Stu 2005-Mar-12 

  4. Bitter, aren't we?

    by AngryDog 2005-Mar-12 

  5. I when to high school in mandeville, I never tell anybody about it. Bitter? me? nooo.

    by owen 2005-Mar-13 

  6. Could you write about Phiscys so I can pass Science class?

    by Azia 2012-Jan-10