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written by owen on 2005-Feb-06.

Valentines day is coming up and I am not going to give you anything. I told you I didn't want to get involved with anybody this month. Call me next month and I am not going to any of those "couples" parties either. Don't get me wrong I do Believe In A Thing Called Love. Love is expensive. It is better to have loved and lost, than to never to have loved at all. I tried my best to keep her satisfied.
I have one of those neighbors, you know the old woman who has random visitors and uses alot of water all the time. I know she uses a lot of water because I can hear it running - like all the time. I wonder if she is some kind of marine animal, disguised as human, plotting world domination. Nobody suspects the old people, it is a masterful plan.
I watched what was undoubtedly the best episode of hbo: taxi cab confessions yesterday. Near to the end of the show 2 girls came into the taxi and sang "I will survive" topless - that was so money! Then to top it off the guy passenger said "This is so crazy, I wish I had a camera".
February something was Bob Marley's 60th birthday here in Jamaica and also "National No Murder Day". Until next week walk good.

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  1. The old ones are allways the sneakiest.

    by Arie 2005-Feb-07 

  2. They 'only' murdered five on 'National No Murder Day'! Poor us!

    by doctord 2005-Feb-07 

  3. Our old headmistress Mrs. Holness used to take a lot of baths.

    by Stu 2005-Feb-07 

  4. D, so I guess it was a bad day or can that total be considered good?
    Stu, I bet she was very controlling and manipulative, those are the first tell tail sign of an alien invasion

    by owen 2005-Feb-07 

  5. Valentine's Day is just a corporate mishmash made up by the Suits to get folks to spend what dem nuh 'ave and run up di credit cawd dem 'ave. Wait iyah, sound like Christmas too. LOL
    Tek care!

    by solitaire 2005-Feb-09 

  6. Hmmm, interesting thoughts Owen...see I have no comment, since Valentine's day is so close to my birthday, I expect to get both birthday and valentine's present

    by AngryDog 2005-Feb-09 

  7. Stu! How you know that? You was a bad bwoy, y'know! I hope you never caned her, thats all ahm sayin' ...

    LOL LOL LOL!!!

    by Mad Bull 2005-Feb-13