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written by owen on 2005-Jan-16.

At the end of 2003 I went to visit my sister in florida for 2 weeks. This page 1 of 2 from the captain's log earth date 2003.;

After the flight arrived and by some miracle my 20 year old nephew and I made it outside of the airport terminal, found a phone and called a number. We had nothing to do but stand outside waiting in the cold midday sun. After arriving at the airport in a foreign country it is always a catch 22 situation where chances are you might stay there forever and never be found again. I always have this in my mind which is why I have not been to Japan yet.

The ride came 2 maybe 3 hours later just before I was put on life support. Then we were off though a countless array of intersections, freeways, highways, extended avenues and an endless void of empty streets to our destination.

We stopped at Wendy's and I had the first thing on the menu because I was drawing a map back to the airport. Unfortunately my sense of distance, time and space was messed up because everything looked exactly the same like a lifetime movie. We veered off the highway/street/avenue etc into an apartment complex.

The apartment complex had an electronic gate and ever expanding greenery. After further examination I discovered it was all man-made. You could smell it in the air. The apartments were aligned in groups of six each with perfectly cut grass lawns, little hills and a pond complete with fish, ducks and sprinkler - it was perfect. I think the grass never grew any higher than required - technology is a wonderful thing. Not like in Jamaica where everything is a random natural occurence - if you see a pond chances are it has been there forever - no - florida is like a zoo. Randomness is good, keeps things interesting.

My only problem was the being cold on a sunny day. what the hell is up with that? The sun is shining should it not be hot or at least warm? I spent the rest of the day watching the Matrix reloaded - they did not have cable but had an abundance of rented DVDs and paperback novels. Ridiculous cable rates but I guess that is what you are suppose to be paying.

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  1. Hi Owen-I want to congratulate you on being in the Top5 Jamaican blog list. Love the Smirnoff Ice meself and like your writing. Will visit again. I hope for your sake your sister will insist on getting cable.

    by sunshine 2005-Jan-19 

  2. some people manage to live without cable I don't see how but they do.

    by owen 2005-Jan-20 

  3. top 5 jamaican list!!?? that's awesome.

    i don't think my site would ever appear on the top 5 list for the us. but if it did, that'd be sweet.

    i'm at college now which is awesome. kent state university. home of the 1970 shooting of 4 students. also where neil young got the idea for his song "ohio."

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jan-21 

  4. you see this is one of the advantages of living on an island (!) only 2 million people compete against. The list.
    So after 1970 they found away to stop the whole shooting thing? or is it still extra credit? lol

    by owen 2005-Jan-21