Sweet Dreams

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written by owen on 2005-Feb-13.

Sometimes when you are at work, alone, late on a friday night. All the lights, monitors and the air conditioning are turned off. Before you leave you plug in the set of speakers from the cubicle on your left into your machine and you start to play something, anything - doesn't matter.

You grow to appreciate the utter loneliness of it all. Its just like in a horror movie right before somebody gets killed, dragged out into the yard and fed to wild pigs that have been starved for two days. There is nothing there but you, the darkness and the music playing through slightly muted speakers.

You play a few tracks, kick back and realise that it is getting really late. You have somewhere to go tonight but it is the same thing you did friday 2 weeks ago, 3 weeks before easter and yesterday. All your words are falling short because there is so much you want to say.

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  1. Man, stop drinking the crunk juice and listening to scary music...go out and party with some hunnies!

    by AngryDog 2005-Feb-14 

  2. I party with some hunnies every now and then, but driving slow on sunday morning is more my thing

    by owen 2005-Feb-14 

  3. #Easy like sunday morning# on the radio as I was reading your comment. Weird.

    by Hayo Bethlehem 2005-Feb-16