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written by owen on 2005-Jan-24.

Part 2 of 2.

It has only been 3 days and as I sit here reading the april 2003 edition of Vanity Fair, I have a sour throat and no internet access. My sister is a novel slash magazine freak. Some suspense others love romances from a woman's perspective. Paperback with far too many adjectives. Not much in the way of entertainment but it give me a way to pass the time.
Usually I would scan though the novel looking for the point at which somebody actually has sex, which usually happens once or twice in a paperback novel. Novels of the same publisher usually insert the sex approximately at the same place in the book. It is as in the case of a lifetime movie in which the sex is not necessary but makes the whole male / female relationship seem normal. That is before everything gets all crazy and he tries to kill her with a kitchen knife (it is always his fault). My sister loves Lifetime Movie Network.
I like the pictures in Vanity Fair not because of the white women but mostly because of how crisp and artsy they are. The articles are not worth much and usually get truncated to the back of the magazine - not cool. Looking at the pictures makes me want to get a digital camera. I had recently discovered (several years ago) that I am the least photographed person in my family and getting a camera will ensure that this does not happen to anyone else.

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  1. not only are digital cameras awesome, but 'sour throats's are as well.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jan-26 

  2. You know, you're right! It is always the mans fault. Bwoy, they're stuffed full of more propaganda than President Bush!

    by Mad Bull 2005-Jan-28 

  3. lifetime player hates big time

    by owen 2005-Jan-29 

  4. oh that comment about hte book was too funny...inserting sex at the same place.

    by Yamfoot 2005-Jan-30