1. Would you notice if it weren't?

    by Arie 2005-Feb-28 

  2. answering a question with a question is against the rules of question and answering

    by owen 2005-Feb-28 

  3. Actually, it isn't round, but more like oval or egg shaped.

    by Hayo 2005-Feb-28 

  4. well i guess it depends if you like round ones or flat ones. personally, the falling off the edge thing was pretty exciting.
    imagine: bungee jumping at a whole new level!

    by sparxx 2005-Feb-28 

  5. in the method of question answering posed by arie, i'll ask another question: what shape is the universe? it goes on forever? come on, thats bullshit. there has to be a wall or an end. even video games have walls.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Mar-01 

  6. well they say the universe is expanding like a big explosion. it might be accelerating or slowing down I don't really remember.

    by owen 2005-Mar-01 

  7. I'm learning about this at school. In fact, there are three possible scenarios as to what might be happening to the universe.

    1. Its expansion is bigger than the Power of Gravity --- so it's still growing bigger and bigger as we speak. (If the universe expands, it does so like a balloon, meaning its contents move away from each other.) The universe may then either be increasing exponentially or linearally. (So in fact, there are FOUR theories on this.)
    2. Its expansion equals the Power of Gravity --- so it's not getting any bigger, nor is it decreasing in size.
    3. Its expansion is smaller than the Power of Gravity --- the universe will be gravitationally slowed and will eventually collapse back on itself in a "big crunch".

    By the way, you would notice so if the earth wasn't round --- I'm talking seasons, climates, day/night etc.

    by Mathias Bynens 2005-Mar-01 

  8. seasons, climates, day/night are totally possible on a flat earth.

    by owen 2005-Mar-01 

  9. Oval-shaped!

    by AngryDog 2005-Mar-02 

  10. it need not be round... a ringworld (or, for you video gamers, a halo) could work just fine, seasons and all. Kind of a workable flat earth, but not quite

    by GL 2005-Mar-03 

  11. If it were not round/oval/spherical, it might be harded to sail around it.

    by Stu 2005-Mar-05 

  12. The earth is not perfectly spherical.
    The Earth has an equatorial bulge of 42.72 km due to the centrifugal force of its rotation. That is, its diameter measured across the equatorial plane (12756.28 km) is 42.72 km more than that measured between the poles (12713.56 km). Earth's atmosphere is distorted as well, causing low air pressure at the South Pole, which has an atmospheric pressure consistent with an altitude around 3300 to 4000 meters rather than the actual 2900 m; this has led to illness among those working at the pole, especially immediately after arrival. Ironically, the pole itself is technically at the center of a high pressure zone due to Hadley circulation.

    by DrWho 2005-Mar-07 

  13. oOo and your very smart aren't you DrWho? yup takes a lot of brain power to copy information.

    Anyways, as so clearly states the earth is round, because of the photographs taken of it from space (well duh). Also,if you watch a ship sailing away, it appears to sink into the ocean because of the earth's spherical shape. Moreover, if you watch a rocket launch, it appears to curve, because of the earth's rotation and since it is specifically an "oblate spheroid". By the way, if the earth was flat then how come Magellan was able to sail around it without falling of the "edge"?

    by keepin it REAL 2005-Dec-22 

  14. Uhhh... DrWho was saying it was spherical too, real, just like you.

    by mad bull 2008-Feb-29