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written by owen on 2004-Dec-20.

I guess all the company christmas parties are over by now. But if not, I am available until the end of the year - nothing brings people together better than load music, liquor and chicken wings. It is not possible to have too much free food, fun and frolicking.

The comes a point in your life when your addicted to something like monkeys. Everybody is destined to be addicted to something, it's human nature. Some people have the uncanny ability to go from addiction to addiction without even realizing it, making them hard to please and crazy. Often times it is even possible to be addicted to nothing.

In our modern lifestyle everything is bad for you, your neighbor, your chickens, come with side effects, finding a good addiction is almost impossible, plus it would usually get you into trouble and be banded once everybody else finds out about it.

It is the end of another year. When all is said and done we can pull a clean sheet from our pockets and write down all we have achieved, all that we have seen just to make sure we have left nothing behind. Anyway merry christmas yall and hope next year will be as good as this one, peace out.

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  1. merry christmas to you owen. keep it real in 2005.

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Dec-20 

  2. I try to keep it real all the time except when I get all science-fictiony and start hunting down storm troopers and street racing in my stolen audi tt.

    by owen 2004-Dec-21 

  3. LOL :)

    Happy Christmas, and a Merry New Year everyone. (Hey, that was _different_.)

    by Mathias Bynens 2004-Dec-22 

  4. _different_ ? how so?

    by owen 2004-Dec-22 

  5. Merry Christmas owen!

    by doctord 2004-Dec-24 

  6. Merry Christmas Owen.

    by Stu 2004-Dec-24 

  7. Merry Christmas, Owen! Happy New Year when it comes too...

    by Mad Bull 2004-Dec-24 

  8. I guess I must be addicted to food.

    And hey, I like monkeys.

    by yamfoot (michelle) 2004-Dec-26