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written by owen on 2014-Aug-14.

If there is one redeeming aspect of public transportation (other than the fact that it's cheaper) are those precious moments of soul sucking waiting. When that is not happening there is the dreading of what great void might be swallowing up all the buses just meters before they reach the location at which you are waiting. I am waiting in vain in for your love.

I fear that at some point I will gain a level of knowledge, wisdom and understanding which will render me placid and unable to enjoy anything ever again. I would be the realest, giving lessons in physics - dropping shit like a pigeon, a ragged old fool living in the present. Neither past, nor future. Completely complete in incompleteness.

There is a feeling in the back of your mind, deep in your memories that you can almost touch. A distant memory of your childhood/past. The wind in your hair. The subtle sound of a dry leaves on the ground. You can almost taste it. You can't have that experience again. The most you can do is take the headphone out of your ears, turn off all the sounds from your smartphone and enjoy the sounds of the moment. Because at some point in the future you'll try to build a time machine to get back to this moment that you are wasting right now. Enjoy the moment.

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