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written by owen on 2014-Jun-18.

I am not sure if we get wiser over time or the crap - it just piles so high that we cannot help but see it staring at us from the trees. Monkeys. An invisible line has been drawn in the sand. You can only complain about the past until the future passes you by. You become heavy with concrete feet. Life is a process of transition.

I think all the wisdom that is gained from getting older is wasted on the constant need to verify every point of discussion you come up on. It is as if life is one big final exam and you be like "ain't nobody got time for that". And you worry about the things you haven't done instead of enjoying the things that you are doing.

It is always the same time. I might be growing increasing impatient with the procedure and I can't get no satisfaction. They say a man ain't supposed to cry. I am not sure who said that - must be a woman. Mushin no shin. What matters ain't the who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder.

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