Insane in the brain

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written by owen on 2014-Jan-22.

There is a strong chance that everything you have done so far and everything you are about to do has already been done. Very few things are truly unique. You are not special. The only thing that matters is what u do now and what happens later as a result of your actions. You are always on a path to somewhere, even if it seems like you are just spinning around.  When the shit goes down you better be ready.

When ever I attend any kind of event I play a game of count the smartphone brand. I always look for the person with the biggest tablet phone and sit behind them so that they can block my view of the stage while they try to take pictures with a small portable television - I wonder if they get HBO. Even on the most cloudy day the sun will come out and scorch the earth with solar happiness and radiation.

Whenever you join a line always try to figure out if there is a chance you might die waiting around for your single order of seasoned fries. Disregard all previous lines, especially if you are trying this line for the first time.  Lines are mysterious beasts.  Focus on the current line at hand and concentrate.  Things might have changed, norms may have been switched around and become commandments in the book of the dead.

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