Chicken and chips

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written by owen on 2014-Jun-21.

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This is one of those unpredictable things you can buy in jamaica. You never know what state the chips/ will be when you buy it. one week it will be near perfect. The other week it will be a sea of salt, burnt chips and pirates. You just have to take what you get, hope and pray. But the large (not sure what I was thinking) and got a festival from Chicken and Tings in Cross Roads. It was good aand only cost 450 Jamaican dollars.

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  1. carbs, carbs, and protein. . . hmm... fried, fried, and fried. Were you able to stay awake afterwards?

    by Gods Child 2014-Jul-10 

  2. I wont be buying it again. but I will survive...

    by owen 2014-Jul-31