Good Vibrations

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written by owen on 2012-Oct-03.

There is nothing like working on a project, putting in the time and effort to make sure everything turns out good. But at some point something can happen that will totally destroy your good vibes. I am seriously annoyed. Like the worst thing that could possibly happen. I feel like one of a million little baby sea turtles that have just cracked out of a shell and started to run across the beach to the ocean only to get eaten by hungry birds.

I am sitting in the dark, its totally ok if you want to come with me and feel my bones. Sometimes I walk up the street to the nearest fast food shop, not because I have to but because I like to feel the sun on my face. I think you get vitamin D from it or so they say. Monkeys.

I seem to have forgotten how to make a picture black and white. I always get hung up on deleting pictures from my camera. Especially now that they have these big memory cards that have infinite space. I would sync the files to my computer but I am unable to delete them because I have to find the time to go through them and mark the best ones as favourites. Because there is nothing worst than when someone wants to look at you cool camera and you have nothing on it but bad pictures of your feet.

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  1. Hush?

    •You need to say more than 2 cents. I suggest you employ the resources of a dictionary.


    by Tami 2012-Oct-05 

  2. I am sorry, this is not facebook. There will be no like buttons around here!

    by owen 2012-Oct-05 

  3. Yes, indeed the sun helps your skin make vitamin d which we need for all sorts of good stuff. . . can't remember what, though. I'm made to understand the gel tablets aren't nearly as good as the stuff your skin can make.

    by Gods Child 2012-Oct-08 

  4. I am sure you skin works faster too

    by owen 2012-Oct-09 

  5. yes but if you live in babylon and work for the man then it is dark a lot and you spend a lot of time indoors anyway. . .

    by God Child 2012-Oct-10 

  6. lol I normally always take off al the photos hen I get home but it's slowly becoming a burden and I can't resist the feeling that I ought to edit all of the favourites ..which turn out to be a good many number in the end anyway.

    hehe a lil walking is always good :) when you don't get lost and Vitamin D is also an added bonus!

    by Ayo 2012-Dec-04 

  7. We should go back to film and Polaroids where you take a picture and it pops out at the same time without the extra test shots and preview window.

    by owen 2012-Dec-04 

  8. oh yes! Those were the best! everything now is so contrived ....even the ice as you mentioned in another post

    by Ayo 2013-Jan-06