Born To Die

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written by owen on 2012-Jun-14.

I have no luck when it comes to music Cds. The last store at which I bought random used cheap Cds suddenly decided to close down and turn into a vegan food store. All the Cds were gone over night as if a great big whale had swallowed them. I was left without a source to satisfy my need for pre-recorded song and dance. Earth, wind and fire. The only thing I don't really care for is Rnb and Gospel but everything else is fair game. All this lead up to last friday when my local big-supermarket decided to start selling thier Cds stock at 2 for 1. I picked up 4 Cds. Luckily I got to choose the ones I wanted since I was at the scene of the crime. They were taping all the mixed compilation Cds with Rnb Cds which is an act of pure blasphemy.

Time is one of those things you have to live in the moment. You are either there or you are standing at the corner of the road wishing you were there. Once an event has pasted then the only real event that matters is the event you are doing now. Because in a couple years you will wish that you were back here doing what you are doing now except you aren't doing anything but remember the past. So if you are idle and waiting for something to happen its best not to spend too much time thinking of past but instead spend sometime planning for the future.

I really need to get back into the habit of writing. I have been slacking off lately (yet still) too much time working and I want to make sure I have enough usable content for the point in the future when I start doing stand up poetry for living. Someday in the future people will be acting them out on Broadway. Take a walk on the wild side. Its my fall back plan in case all the world goes into consumerist slavery. I would make more than I consume and the balance would be restored. Now you do.

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  1. Pharmacies and Supermarkets have taken over CD selling. CD's are clearly on their way out. What will you do when CD's become the next floppy disks?

    by Tami 2012-Jul-20 

  2. CDs store better than floopy disks. Plus I have a old Sony waterproof walkman CD player that I can still use when times get rough

    by owen 2012-Jul-22