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written by owen on 2012-Jul-30.

I fear that if I donot write something now I will keep putting it off until I have both the inspiration AND the time. Which at the going rate may never happen, almost like i am running across a mine field which in itself is running across me. I must have had 5 topics to write about in the past weeks since my last confession but either I have forgotten them all or they have been filed to a part of my mind on which I have not paid the power bill.

I lent my older brother 2 of my music CDs the other day - actually it was 2 weeks ago. When he finally returned it, the cases were cracked and warped. One case had a spot that looked that somebody was rubbing a steel wool against it. Now I don't have all than many cds, I have collected/stolen about 26 in the past 12 years. I try to not break them or scratch them up but as they say; hell is other people. So no my latest obsession is finding new cases to replace the scratched up cases that I currently have. Those cases are not easy to find, especially since they invented those new thin cases that have no space for a back label. Annoyed!

There is always the classic problem of being too young, too sexy too fast. not to mention; nowadays everything is designed to keep you sucking on the left tit of society forever like a baby that can never grow up. Forever young. Its the new form of slavery. It has all been done before. This is why we cannot have nice things.

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  1. what if you kept them in a soft-sided case/portfolio and put up the jewel cases.

    Also, I did not know you had a brother.

    by Gods Child 2012-Aug-02