1. Well, you could just walk with your own ketchup just the way people walk with their own hot sauce. For years I kept hot sauce at my work desk.

    by Gods Child 2012-Sep-26 

  2. Well being a man, I can't carry around a purse or hide condiments in my desk. People will look at me funny.

    by owen 2012-Sep-26 

  3. Oh, yes, I've seen your desk I think. Never mind. Better save up money for those extra ketchup packets. Although, I don't know what would be so bad about a big bottle of ketchup right out there on the top of the desk.

    by Gods Child 2012-Sep-26 

  4. lolol I always end up with random condiments floating around in my bag :S

    What happened to the days when you used to get 'moist towelletes' ... so sad!

    by Ayo 2012-Oct-22 

  5. I used to light the alcohol on fire in my hand, its a cool party trick!

    by owen 2012-Oct-26