Niggas in Paris

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written by owen on 2011-Dec-13.

My Christmas done gone disrupted to the point where i just want to curl up into a ball and hibernate like a bear or a honey badger. Now that I am older and considerably more hairy, sleeping for long periods of time is most comforting, I'm trying to survive the silly season without getting another speeding ticket from a policeman hiding in the bushes. Like thieves. I mean its the middle of the DAY! I still young, I ain't had no kids, why you gotta be pushing me man? why you gotta be pushing me?

Did I mention that its cold? So cold that I wish I had breasts, lovely breasts. Can't tell me nothing. I need as much fat as I can get because my skinny frame cannot take these cold floors and cold hearts much longer, I NEED LOVE! More than I could give. The Lion King was a great movie, I stopped watching cartoons after that, what more could you need? Cruel, cruel world. If it makes you happy then why you so sad?

It started raining so bad last week that I thought all the politicians would drown but alas that was not the case. Why God why? It was all good until a week ago. Don't worry I noticed I have alot of question marks in this but I can't help it - I was kinda haphazardly writing this for the past week, in between naps, trying to ward off the unset of flu. Cherish the day. Everyday is Christmas and every night a New Years Eve.

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