Give Me One Reason

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written by owen on 2012-Sep-05.

My main goal in life is to understand myself, monkeys and everything. I must understand why I prefer ripe plantains over green plantains. Why elephants in africa are more dangerous than monkeys. Why people complain about things that other people like. Cognitive dissonance. Its a bittersweet symphony. Then you die.

In everything you love there are millions of other things that need loving but physics rules us all. Often times the journey is sweeter than the destination. Its better to be heading towards a happy place than to be there already. Because usually you are never truly there. Its hard for me to explain. Its similar to how monkeys throw poo - it is the thought that counts.

The more I understand my own motivations - the more I understand other people and the less time I spend doing the same things on repeat like a slave on minimum wage. If you sit still and watch people long enough they will walk around in circles, squares and rectangles. If it makes you happy why you so sad? At the end of the day our superstitions and our personal bias protect us from ourselves.

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  1. in everything you love, there are millions of other things that need loving, but physics rules us all. a deep an fundamental truth. My next bbm status. Whats your pin.?

    by mad bull 2012-Sep-07 

  2. i thought you were a iphone man? what you doing with bb? will send it later

    by owen 2012-Sep-10 

  3. :) I like your thoughts! These days I try my utmost to NOT understand myself lol I'll live a lil more comfortably and with less migraines and bouts of confusion etc.

    by Ayo 2012-Sep-20 

  4. when you are older, you will understand

    by owen 2012-Sep-21 

  5. lol hope so!

    You actually prompted me to read the lyrics of that song! I love it even more now.

    by Ayo 2012-Sep-23 

  6. One of my favourite albums. I need to buy it before they stop selling physical cds. My favourite part is when he sings; "theeeeen agaaaain maaaaaybeeeee yoooou wooooonnnnnnn't".

    by owen 2012-Sep-23