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written by owen on 2012-Jan-20.

In an instant I look over and I see an old woman judging me based on the muffins I have in my basket at the supermarket. Its seems impossible to go anywhere in society today without being judged. Just because I forgot to pick up two pound of flour, sugar, a stick of butter and a bottle of white rum - it does not give you the right to judge me!

School definitely teaches you something, but it does not teach you how to love. If you do not love something and you plan to go to school so that you can learn to love it , then you may be disappointed in the end. Love is what we need. If you love to cook, go to cooking school, you have cooks that make tons of money. Find something to love then find a school. Pay for it in cash or work a couple years as a intern at any company that will take you. Stay away from drugs.

I have work to do. I do not think there was ever a time when I was free of work since maybe high school and even then there would be points when the holiday could not come soon enough. If I am lucky will I will find a way to reduce the contrast between the parts of work that are fun and the parts that exist to torment my soul.

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  1. interesting... I have a question. Do you think we should do what we can until we can do what we want or just go str8 for the area we love?

    by TheAinzlee 2012-Jan-21 

  2. Since we live in a world with "other people" we often have to find a way to balance our days and weeks between doing the things we love and the things other people want us to do. Its called surviving. If you can't survive doing what you love then you will have to do something else part-time.

    by owen 2012-Jan-23 

  3. Eat a food :p

    by owen 2012-Jan-27