1. family is more important because they are the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally.[indifferent] That is why they have the ability (not the right) to drive you mad.

    by Gods Child 2007-Aug-07 

  2. suppose is the opperative word ...

    by bobby 2007-Aug-07 

  3. I'd like to think that my family members know me better than my friends and are least likely to physically KILL me. Though I have some wonderful friends and vegetables. There are always exceptions to the rule.

    by owen 2007-Aug-08 

  4. Ever check the stats on the amount of family members that killed their relatives, or caused their relatives to be killed... inheritance is a good motivator.

    by bobby 2007-Aug-08 

  5. hmm....I think I'm actually worth more than my inheritance but I could be living a lie

    by owen 2007-Aug-08 

  6. what kind of vegetables?
    What about fruits?

    in regards to Bobby's statement--wasn't Marvin Gaye killed by his father?
    Yes, it happens a lot that family members physically kill you. If only one knew what exactly to look out for.

    by Gods Child 2007-Aug-08 

  7. Tomatoes and the like. No fruits, I mostly meet fruits.
    Marvin Gaye is great. Why are you destroying my sense of personal security? [sorry]

    by owen 2007-Aug-08 

  8. Now where does the FRIEND stand in all this noting that a family memeber can be friend ...btw recently we had a couple murders that involved family members so owen be afraid very afraid [innocent]

    by bobby 2007-Aug-08 

  9. As a general rule, neither. Each person's importance in my life is taken on his/her individual merit, not based on whether we share DNA patterns.

    by Simplenigma 2007-Aug-09 

  10. which is saying that if you are a really good friend then you get the edge ...shared DNA or not, right.

    by bobby 2007-Aug-09 

  11. The person who has my best interest at heart, irrespective of whether or not i agree with their position all the time...

    by OddOne 2007-Aug-09 

  12. that type of quality is not genetic it is earned

    by bobby 2007-Aug-09 

  13. Obviously family. They have no choice but to love you as they're related to you. Friends have no obligation to stick with you, and you often drift away from them as your paths stray. Still, you have some friends that are better than family.

    by Leon 2007-Sep-08 

  14. sound like you have the family that only live in most of us mind

    by bobby 2007-Sep-08