How important is honesty really?

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written by Mad Bull on 2007-Jul-01.

I just watched this movie about a girl who had done something she thought was terrible once in the past. She felt it was disgusting and she never did it again. It had nothing really to do with the person she was now. She was now about to get married and she wondered whether she should tell her fiance about it, just so she could be completely honest with him.

How important is it to have complete and total honesty in a relationship? Do you think she should tell her fiance or not? If you were in that situation, would you?

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  1. That sounds like the movie where the girl while in college was bored and gave her dog a blow it that one?

    You cant have complete honesty in a relationship, especially if one or both persons are equally jealous. Causes too much problems even simple little things.

    by Tami 2007-Jul-01 

  2. yup, thats the one...

    by mad bull 2007-Jul-01 

  3. How could someone be sooooo bored? OMG!

    by Tami 2007-Jul-03 

  4. oh wow and I thought you were just being idle. I'll add that to my "to watch" list

    by owen 2007-Jul-05 

  5. Some things should be left unsaid for the greater good of the relationship... (in reference to Tami's guess)If u blew ur dog u might not wanna reveal that, just for the sake of humanity if not anything else...

    by OddOne 2007-Jul-01 

  6. To speak about that is akin to relationship suicide..... sure as hell would not want to know that, that would be TMI to the max... honesty only where necessary.

    by bobby 2007-Jul-01 

  7. got bored and then gave her dog some head? wtf?!

    when i'm bored I just go to sleep lol.. do, please tell us the name of that movie?

    I'm all about honesty but that girl should carry that secret to the grave.

    by Adrian 2007-Jul-02 

  8. Its called "Sleeping Dogs Lie". It was a decent movie too, I recommend it. Its NOT a comedy though, despite what the DVD cover says...
    See its tomato meter results at on rottentommatoes

    by Mad Bull 2007-Jul-02 

  9. I think the person should be the judge same way that you are to pick your fights carefully. Make sure that the issue is worth it.

    by Gish 2007-Jul-04