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Interview Questions

Are you doing better than your parents when they were your age?

Slightly better and slightly worse. I have more assets but they come with more debt.

How much toothpaste do you need to put on your toothbrush?

Enough to cover the nail of your little finger should do it. If you have a giant little finger then you should have giant teeth. If you have a sixth finger, then use the fifth. If no little finger at all, sorry.

What do you think about female rappers?

I don't think about female rappers much. Neither do I much think about male rappers.

What are your views on global warming/climate change?

I think that they are not necessarily linked to human activity but since we can't be too sure, we should all live like monks and never drive cars or ride buses. We should bring our own reusables to the market and throw out only the things that animals will eat.
That is all.

What do you do on your day off from work?

I don't get days off from work. If I don't work I don't get paid. So I only take weekends off. On the weekend I do what anybody else would do, I think.

What did you get/give for christmas?

I gave:
cold hard cash
a balaclava
books about personal finance
a crocheted coaster
a laptop fan (the kind that goes under the laptop, on your lap)

I received:
costume jewelry
gloves that work with your touchscreen
crochet needle case
gift cert. to starbucks

And the Sign Says.. » Paid Storage

written by Gods Child, published 2012-Oct-19, comment

related image

This is a sign in the window of a company that sells storage space in Manhattan.

comment 36

Gods Child commented: I'm not rich and I don't like it either. ... read 35 more

Food and Eats » small oxtail and pink ting for $11.80

written by Gods Child, published 2010-Sep-15, comment

related image

sorry. it's a cell phone pic. I understand if you reject but I had no idea I was going to treat myself to such a delightful lunch.
The rice is under there somewhere. I told the lady to go easy with the carbs.

comment on this food 5

owen commented: Only reason I accepted this awfully small picture is because you are drinking pink Ting. When did they gay that up? [annoyed] I've never seen that in JA. ... read 4 more

Has spying ever seemed a more glamorous profession?

related image

Check out the recent stories about Russian spy Anna Chapman (alias)and tell me if it doesn't make you dream of becoming a secret agent/party goer.

written by Gods Child on 2010-Jul-02, Answer this question24

owen answered: well the only torture I like is the slow and boring kind [riiight] ... read 23 more

Plant Life » magnolia blossom

photos by Gods Child, published 2010-Apr-15, comment

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sky partly obscured by magnolia blossom

comment 1

owen commented: usual angle for a flower ... read more

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