Are bloggers liars?

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written by Minoramp on 2007-Jun-23.

C'mon think about it i have read so many blogs and i am like how is it i have never met any one like most of these persons out there or should it be in there you know inner space, that crazy place called earth world. Cyber space outer space, ...outside the box a mean is this bloggosphere the cyber bellevue, where we lock away in our fantasies or is this all real ....mmmmmmmm?

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  1. WTF!!!!!!!???????
    English pls....

    by OddOne 2007-Jun-24 

  2. Hey odd one check it, all i'm saying is this, are all these blogs about real events or are they mostly person's fantasies. A place where persons becomes/live out an alter ego. If that nuh help yuh, yuh deh pon yuh own. [sorry]

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-24 

  3. if you mean, are all bloggers really as boring as their blogs make them appear, then i'm afraid the answer is yes, they are all very boring people, and no, in that context, not really liars.

    I would be interested to know what you really mean, or would like to see on blogs though :)

    If that isn't what you mean, i second Oddone's comment.

    by Hayo 2007-Jun-24 

  4. Look up and all became clear.

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-24 

  5. I think I understand you perfectly, I agree with Hayo's translation for the most part, only I think you're saying that all these bloggers seem too good to be true.
    Well, heres the thing. Most people will only tell you the good things about themself. What they do tell you isn't necessarily a lie, but it will probably tend to be very onesided, ie. they won't tell you that they screw anything in a skirt, or that they have a problem saying no and so end up in a different man's bed every night, or that they are alcoholics, or that they lose every lover they've ever had because they tend to stalk them... you know what I mean, right? You'll only get the good side.

    For me, all my stories are true, though I have changed a few small details to protect the innocent, or in some cases, to protect me.

    by madbull 2007-Jun-24 

  6. I told you, you are smart... :)

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-24 

  7. I DID NOT STALK HER DAMMIT NEVER ONCE. i called a few times at odd hours but never stalked.

    lol jokes.

    uh.. i dunno i blog about w/e i feel like only once in a while i fall into the emoitonal ditch.. my life is boring sad, loveless blah blah crud. when i re-read those stuff i say to my self.. you loser. get a grip.

    take leon's blog for example thats a perfect nothing about me really blog.

    by taylor 2007-Jun-24 

  8. Welllllllllllll, I blog about random stuff that come to me in the shower in the morning. Some of the stuff is open for interpretation which makes something that was originally small seem big. Take my previous blog for example.

    by DLBG 2007-Jun-24 

  9. some of these bloggers don't promise you they are truth-telling though
    they leave belief up to you

    by Gods Child 2007-Jun-25 

  10. DLBG - What's ur blog addy.
    I think in the shower too...

    by Tami 2007-Jun-25 

  11. Bloggers can be introverts or they can be creative or they can just lead interesting lives.

    by Jim Screechy 2007-Jul-18