Poligonale : Is it possible to love and care for at least two persons??

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written by bobby on 2007-Jul-14.

I have this friend who has his lady and has found himself drifting off in love with another woman and he has no ill feelings towards his present lady. actually he cares for his lady but he finds him self so deeply attracted to the other woman.

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  1. I think its possible to love two (or more) women, but over time, I believe favourites will emerge. This will lead to some feeling marginalised and eventually, you will be down to one again. Perhaps there really can be only one! [confident]

    Found the problem posting comments on this site was related to the browser used. I was using Internet Explorer 6. I installed Firefox and its all good again. Wheee!!!

    by Mad Bull 2007-Jul-16 

  2. I knew there was something wrong - somewhere. just couldn't put my finger on it

    by owen 2007-Jul-16 

  3. Yes...I do belive that is possible to love two persons at the same time....but it is hard to give of yourself fully to the two persons..
    On another note monogomy is not natural there will always be someone else that will catch your eye, we see that even in nature..however i do belive that one can choose to "ignore" these distractions and stay true to one person (it hard though)

    by marangand 2007-Jul-16 

  4. madbull stop posting, everyone agrees with you... stop it i say... I can't reply to that because thats pretty much what I'd say...[cry]

    by OddOne 2007-Jul-16 

  5. madbull, i think i am having the same issue. i only use internet explorer and i haven't been able to post any comments independently. if i reply to someone else's comment like right now, it posts for me. Owen...i thought I was crazy, but this is probably the same issue we spoke about on sunday.

    by Aurie 2007-Jul-16 

  6. FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    by owen 2007-Jul-16