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written by owen on 2007-Jul-28.

After you have set up the perfect game of checkers the resident 5 year old will eventually come up and try to match the colors in a pattern. Heaven forbid your winning your first game of the night. Your drunk, driving in the wrong lane. Try to make me go to rehab. Luckily I'm not too bad, not like a grenade that wants to blow up on you. Totally oblivious to the greater world around her, destroying my chances of winning a cellphone. Hieghts of great men. Not that I need a cellphone. Cellphones are like candy to a baby, sugar for my honey, nowadays its the thing to give. As if there is a mass cellphone deficiency.

The reasons unknown. My Mathematical Mind doesn't even think straight anymore. I'm too high on life. I need to change my ways, stop riding the brakes. Get along with myself. Stop. A new hustle. Fly into the sky, so very high, just like a dragon fly. I actually posted this but then took it down because I wasn't satisfied with its fat content. I nolonger sleep to dream. Nothing else for me to do but dance. Turn the clock to zero honey I'll sell the stock and start another brand new day. Its a long, long, long way down.

I would have been more enthused about winning cake. Cheese cake like a mid summer night's dream. Those days are gone though, as the days when they would serve bread and colored "cheese spread" at parties. Hear me praying Lord. In those days, when you were young, a birthday party was like being transposed into a another dimension in which everything was colorful, sweet, nice, sticky, and castles were filled with air. I spoke to the woman in the office, down stairs, add her to my list, wrap myself around her. From the place where I used to live. She had awful hand writing and proceeded to ask me questions, but I had nothing on her - no cake at my disposal. My heart was more than able, I should be studying, instead I search for something to tie me over until.

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  1. Hmmm, lets see...

    Yup, cellies make a popular gift nowadays! Don't believe me? Give me a Blackberry Pearl and see how much liquor I buy you!

    Cheese cake can be nice too. Can also be a bit cloying too though.

    Yup, when you're young, everything seems so much more special, magical and exciting.

    by mad bull 2007-Jul-29 

  2. the blackberry is a evil corporate tracking device which is used to enslave its owners.

    by owen 2007-Aug-01 

  3. I agree everybody has the latest cell phone on their minds!

    True MB, i can only eat a small piece of cheese cake, even though I love it. Hmm. Maybe that's good, else I would certainly put on some serious layers of fat!

    by Stunner 2007-Jul-29 

  4. that why its so expensive and hard to make. Its not meant to be consumed regularly - its like cocaine

    by owen 2007-Aug-01 

  5. Bb pearl screen is too small. I upgraded to the Curve.

    @Owen, for your next birthday Imma give you a brand spankin new punctuation set complete wid extra apostrophes. LOL.

    Still fascinated by your brain doah.

    by spuyten duyvil 2007-Jul-31 

  6. does everybody have a blackberry? I mean really do you even usee the features?

    by owen 2007-Aug-01