When making love which is more important from your partner... raw undiluted passion or well honed technique and skill?

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written by Bobby on 2007-Jun-28.

... there is no middle ground on tis it is one of both. I had both and i am just not able to distinguish which one was better. But i'm such a passionate guy so i'm thinking it must be passion.....

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  1. groove is in the heart but
    sex is in the brain
    broadcasting frequency is very important

    by Gods Child 2007-Jun-29 

  2. Raw undiluted passion wins.... honed technical skill might just be too mechanical...but u sure we cant have both. However once you are "in tuned" with the partner either one will work just fine.[friendly]

    by marangand 2007-Jun-29 

  3. Sounds interesting... mmmmmmm

    by bobby 2007-Jul-01 

  4. Damn it, why the hard question? Both are great when they are combined! But raw undiluted passion is my choice!

    by Stunner 2007-Jun-29 

  5. Passion all the way

    by DLBG 2007-Jun-29 

  6. Passion over skill? Naw, rasta... yeah, initially passion will seem better but after two lovemaking sessions with a passionate but clumsy lover, you will start to wish for some skill, trust me.

    by mad bull 2007-Jun-30 

  7. After two sessions only???? remember practice makes perfect....nothing worng with u teaching!!! Skill without passion nah sey nuthin...when u done.....WHAT???

    by marangand 2007-Jun-30 

  8. Ok, not 2, lets say 10 times... no improvement over the times, they are not taking suggestions... c'mon! Plus, who say the skillful person lacks passion... You have to have some passion about something to apply yourself to it sufficiently to become skillful, don't you?

    by mad bull 2007-Jul-01 

  9. listening to you all my take on it is passion first and skill after, a mean with practice skills should improve..... right mar

    by bobby 2007-Jul-01 

  10. @MB: I was thinking the same thing.... but not being as experienced as some of y'all ....had to stick to just visiualising it.... [innocent]

    by bobby 2007-Jun-30 

  11. aww
    how sweet

    by Gods Child 2007-Jul-01 

  12. Hmm, I was gonna say passion but after my recent blog on erm size, I have to rethink.

    Passion with a small penis won't get the job done. Skill might be able to get a little closer.

    by spuyten duyvil 2007-Jul-26