1. wuh you did wrong?

    by kami 2005-Aug-31 

  2. hill start yet again

    by owen 2005-Aug-31 

  3. My yute, di girl look pon you like say she suspect that you was a go post her picture pon di 'net or something! Women do have intuition, don't they? ;-)

    by Mad Bull 2005-Aug-31 

  4. I'm sorry man. Make a few phone calls and send some money in an envelope.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Aug-31 

  5. I'm positive she was totally sleeping when I took that picture.

    by owen 2005-Sep-01 

  6. Damn Son, Don't younger brother just got his own the other day--btw, that old guy was taking his driving test? I see him down there from the time I took my driving test nearly 10 years ago!

    by AngryDog 2005-Sep-02 

  7. I failed my first time, but on the road. But I remember finding the hill start tricky and I wasn't one of those naturals behind the wheel. 3 times the charm?

    by Shotta M, 2005-Sep-05 

  8. @AngryDog your not being very helpful. in fact your making me worry. :(

    @shotta m I kinda thought it weird that the exam card has 5 different day slots on it for entering you results.

    I am looking to get a new car with a sharper clutch. And I am not blaming my tools either. Less than perfect? 40%

    by owen 2005-Sep-06 

  9. i think the girl is cute! Did u get her number by any chance?

    by alex13 2005-Sep-08 

  10. sadly, after the test, my confidence was totally destroyed and I could not deal with 2 shots to the head. So I just said goodbye and went away crying. :(

    by owen 2005-Sep-08 

  11. never mind, next time ull get the pretty girl

    by alex13 2005-Sep-12 

  12. just try to do better next time

    by kate 2005-Sep-12 

  13. @alex I'm more worried about failing the test than picking up chicks at the DMV

    @kate are you mocking me?

    by owen 2005-Sep-12 

  14. Y u doing the test in the first place? I never did the tests or anything, and I been on the rd ages. U wasting ur money doing the tests, do the Jamaican way and done.

    by MiTcHiE 2005-Oct-05 

  15. @MiTcHiE I've gone too far to turn back now. TOO FAR!!!!! :(

    by owen 2005-Oct-06 

  16. U mean u have wasted too much money - total it up and tell me if u reach 10 gran. If so then ur wasting ur time trying to do the test.

    by MiTchiE 2005-Oct-06 

  17. hahaha. this history thing may have been a bad ideal.

    by owen 2005-Oct-09 

  18. You know, I was just looking through this thing and I had was to laugh at the girls picture yet again... This was a really great photo, man. She looking at you like "What the %#@$ this cockroach a do a tek mi pickcha?! [congrats]

    by madbull 2007-Jun-24 

  19. She was actually quite polite about it, cool and laid back. if only she wasn't still in highschool

    by owen 2007-Jun-24