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written by owen on 2021-Jun-09.

People will easily get lost in the things they do not know.  Roll around in it like puppies in tall grass while subconsciously feeling the eyes of their mother at a safe distance.  Comfort in the fact that someone-somewhere knows what they are doing.  I for one do not think that most people actually know or care about anything at all.  Living their lives with blinders on hoping that a good 10 season mini-series drops on streaming - or at least a bearable movie. What can we do? soldier on brothers.

I still have a lot of programming to do and photos to print.  Moving the website did not help in the grand goal of reducing the amount of stuff I have to do.  Projects need to be updated and old things need to be set on a corrected course so that they keep working in a sea of reckless abandon.  The only light at the end of the tunnel is that most of the modern web is copy pasted micro service trash. it takes them so long to make anything that they just give up and wait for the new/simpler version to come out.

I keep digging through old tweets to see if I can find anything to post in my logbook which is a clear sign that I am wasting my creative energy on the social feed.  I must correct this.  fyi: replacing physical toys with a touch screens is only going to create kids with poor depth perception, poor hand eye coordination and burnt out retinas. Not programmers or rocket scientists. bad eyesight is not the way to start a career in tech future.

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