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written by owen on 2021-Apr-23.

I have not written a new post in over a month. Maybe its writer's block or I am getting old or my new camera. I have been busy with a few side projects and have also been avoiding other more important stuff. But I am still here like a good MJ song. Its not like I have not had words in thought but the words have not made it to the keyboard. I will not promise anything but I will try to get at your support ticket before the next lock down. I order bourbon everywhere I go now.

I have probably replaced writing with black and white pictures on instagram. Not much to write about either way because everything is cancel culture and hype nowadays. I saw someone like you that I used to know implode because of all the troubles in the world and got relief through some kind of external medication. Ask me if I think people are crazy. No one answers questions anymore because no one knows. Not much else to do. Only a couple weeks before my birthday. Managed to convince my party loving other half to not give me a bd party so instead we are driving across the country. I feel like I have lived 2 lives.

Everything is easier in a panorama but I can imagine how everyone else feeling. I live for interesting times like this. Apocalypse. But people watching is no fun when everyone is clueless, paranoid and chasing their own tails ALL THE TIME because they have no handle on reality. All I can say is I wish you all the best and eventually everyone will see the light. Or they just move on to the next story in the feed.

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