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written by owen on 2020-Nov-20.

Its been raining for a couple weeks now.  When its not raining the sky is overcast like some kind of alien invasion.  Not a good mix of situations for going outside.  Getting "wetup" is not high on my list of things to do in these times when catching a bad flu might send you into COVID isolation.  Plus one has to be extra careful on the roads because of the potholes, landslides, general chaos that water brings to small island infrastructure.  Coming off the hot-hot summer to present day torrential rains is something that feels new every time it happens.

I have been taking a bunch of photos recently - before the rain started - mostly all in black and white.  And I am here to report that RAW photos are huge.  I do like the extra quality in the new camera brings but as I said before the files are huge.  Added to that there are all these settings that I need to worry about before I start taking pictures.  But as biggy would say "mo money mo problems".

If I have to sign up for your virtual thing I am simply not going to bother.  If there is anything that annoys me is signing up for lists that may magically become subscriptions in the future.  I might be transfering my physical world meeting habits into virtual meeting where I would never sign a guestbook unless it was hard-linked to the free food.  I like lists for "one-off" things that I am interested in and that I may want to use in the future.  But I do not want to marry the products and services that I use.  I know this has become the new norm for some people but fts.

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