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Kingston JAMAICA

written by Niranjan Mohammed, published 2003-Nov-04, comment

Very nice site, and interesting content !!!

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owen commented: hmmm.....ok ... read 14 more


written by Troy, published 2003-Oct-28, comment

Luv dis site

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Sheldon commented: [t][/t] I have no comment ... read 6 more

San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago

written by Taran, published 2003-Oct-13, comment

Owen, you constantly amaze me with your site redesigns. :)

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owen commented: This time I was going for the "As simple as it gets without being a blank page effect". ... read 3 more

Detroit burbs

written by Faith, published 2003-Sep-12, comment

Hey Owen, I like the newish design.

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owen commented: yay! :) I'm glad you like the design. Though I wondering what did you mean by 'newish'? ... read 11 more

yu nuh have nutten beta fi do?

written by natin, published 2003-Aug-19, comment

web site look good, too bad it is much ado about nothing

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owen commented: Actually I do but being pointless is much more fun. Most everything you do is pointless anyhow. I just choose to have a website about it. ... read 8 more