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New Jersey, by way of Kingston-Jamaica

written by Aurie, published 2004-Oct-10, comment

Hey what's up Owen. You site is immaculate. Now I see why you deserve to be in the's top 5 pages.

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owen commented: thank you, the top 5 hasn't been updated in 3 yrs, there is no hope. ... read 14 more

los angeles

written by cor, published 2004-Oct-04, comment

you do have mad web development skills. you should change 'teachs' to 'teaches'

comment 16

owen commented: yes I should and I will as soon as I get around to it. Love you [url][caption]website[/url] too it's really colorfull, vast and time consuming I love it! design a layout for me sometime. ... read 15 more

Houston, Texas

written by Stu, published 2004-Sep-10, comment

Hi Owen, I came over from Mad Bull's site. Stu

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owen commented: hello, glad you could make it. ... read 9 more


written by Cipher, published 2004-Aug-23, comment

Hey Owen thanx for visiting my website, its sort of dead right now as i lost some data for the downloads and forum but I will bring it up to speed in the next week.

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owen commented: well good luck. ... read 48 more


written by Yamfoot, published 2004-Jul-07, comment

Variety is the Spice of life. The more blogs the better. Visit mine.

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owen commented: I not so sure about the whole spice of life thing. I kinda get confused easily. Oh yeah and visit [url][caption]madbull[/url] too he's from cayman I think. ... read 22 more