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Kgn Jamaica

written by MiTcHiE, published 2004-Jan-10, comment

Just giving a holla. Its been a while since i visited ur site.

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owen commented: I would prefer if you would click the [b]comment[/b] link and post your opinions on the bits of nonsense I write. I recently noticed on your site ([url][caption]MiTcHiE: Idle Pics From Jamaica[/url]) that it is forcing people to register before they can make comments. Is this your doing? ... read 33 more


written by jess, published 2003-Dec-02, comment

Nice site! i'm not sure how i ended up here, i have a habit of clicking stuff i dont understand! but, anyway! nice site!

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owen commented: you came from [url][caption]shade's site[/url], clicked 5 links and spent exactly 1 minute: 50 seconds. hmmm.... I have to change this section to something else but I don't know what. Something that serves a greater purpose than what it does now. [big]got any ideas?[/big] ... read 14 more


written by barny, published 2003-Nov-20, comment

Seen your link at DIK. I love this site! Very stylish. :)

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owen commented: some people might no know what DIK and probably the never will. ... read 7 more

Kingston Jamaica

written by Sean Bowen, published 2003-Nov-13, comment

Hi this is seanbee20 from techjamaica, just saw the link and decided to check it out, your site has re-inspired me, i think i am going to re-do my site and put it back up, i absolutely love it, keep up the good work

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owen commented: I try really I do. walk good. anyway, Thanx for dropping by. ... read 8 more

Kgn Jamaica

written by MiTcHiE, published 2003-Nov-05, comment

Cool Site. Is this like an online Journal??

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owen commented: Yes I kinda like to think of it that way. I am not much of a writer though so I pretty much throw up whatever comes to my attention. The [url]/v4/news/[page]news page[/url] you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanx for dropping by anyhow. Soon I'll add a few to upload pictures (as soon as I get around to it). ... read 16 more