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written by Jamila, published 2007-Oct-17, comment

Just interesting read.....

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owen commented: wow, I haven't gotten a guestbook entry in like forever. Its either your .... really smart or ..... But anyway, thanx for dropping by, I try to update every week, but there is usually a [url][caption]question or 2[/url] that can be answered at any time you like, come by anytime we are open all night but we must insist that there be no sex in the champane room. later ... read 31 more

Oslo, Norway

written by Vegard, published 2007-Aug-19, comment

Hi Owen, long time, no see. Good luck with Dean, from what I can see on the maps it's coming in now.

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owen commented: yeah deya, a chill pon di endz, a hole a medz ... read 14 more


written by Bobby, published 2007-Jun-22, comment

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Some how i think you are the only one capable of figuring out my name "hecklefind". Me i am from outerspace and i am sure we crossed path once somewhere near the outer rims. You are from deep deep space.... hope to get there myself one day.

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owen commented: uhmmm, I don't know. I'm not really a doctor I just play one on the internet. In real life I spend alot of time sleeping ... read 4 more

Kingston, Jamaica

written by Tami, published 2007-May-22, comment

Lalalala, Keep doing your thing, lalalalalala.

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owen commented: They let you out of rehab early? ... read 15 more

Mid-town, Jah-mek-yah

written by Nadya Dee, published 2007-Apr-27, comment

just found the site...haven't read much but i'll be back...

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owen commented: uhmmm how the hell did you found it? I thought I hide it pretty well on the internet! ... read 2 more