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Guestbook » Kingston Jamaica

written by Sean Bowen, 2003-Nov-13

Hi this is seanbee20 from techjamaica, just saw the link and decided to check it out, your site has re-inspired me, i think i am going to re-do my site and put it back up, i absolutely love it, keep up the good work

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Logbook » will die eventually

written by owen, 2003-Nov-13

this morning as I left home. Late as usual, I saw a horse standing by the road. His right hind leg was broken. It must have happen only a few minutes earlier since blood was still spuing from the leg which was resting on the ground slightly.
It was just standing there, motionless. I had but a few seconds to look at it before the bus when pass it as usual. Nobody seemed to notice it. It must have been abandoned by it's human. Usually they walk the horses along the side of a road close to the racetrack. A horrible accident must have be fell the horse. I suspect that it will be dead by now and it's corpse wil still be lieing there by the side of the street when I get home tonight.
You might even wonder why I'm writing this tail that has beset me this morning. It's not like I've never seen it happen before and niether am I a heartless DRUNK MONKEY.
Probably I'll be able to thing up something useful to write tomorrow.

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Quotes » Benjamin Thomas on Life

To understand me a little better here is a list of things I would like to do before I grow old and decrepid:
1First and most importantly I want to pass on my genetic code by planting my seed in the fertile earth of atleast one woman

from an article entitled Who the heck is this guy again?

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Movies » Matrix Revolutions Review

written by owen, 2003-Nov-8

I finally got the time to watch the movie on friday night. After hearing mixed reviews from people who had watched it before I came to my own conclusion. The movie was as bad as people made it out to be. In fact it did what it was supposed to do - end the matrix series thing.
Though the ending wasn't really anything to be impressed be amd lacking, the movie it self was worth watching. It had it's high points (such as the fight screen between neo and a smith which was totally immense) and lows auch as most of the dialogue.
Basically it was a movie by it's self, no 14 minute highway chase scene or rave party - it not a reload of reloaded. I'd safely say that it's even better than Reloaded. It might not have had as many fight scenes as reloaded but at least everybody had a purpose for what they were doing and nothing was too over done like in the previous installment of the series.
I kinda think of matrix reload/revolutions as one big 6 hour movie, with a very long intermission, rad special effects and a bad ending. I give it 4 stars. Could have been better but lets not get greedy.
I thought that whole burnt in the eye thing was really messed up still.


  • The matrix movies are not a "Trilogy" it just happen to turn to be 3 movies.
  • If you look at matrix revolutions by itself it'd probably get very low marks. Basically MRevo is Reloaded Part 2
  • If you didn't understand anything the first two movies chances are you won't understand anything in this one
  • While some people might think that Neo is using 802.11b (implanted into his brain) to destroy the machine in the real world - here's another more concise explanation

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Guestbook » Kgn Jamaica

written by MiTcHiE, 2003-Nov-5

Cool Site. Is this like an online Journal??

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