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Logbook » I do not speeck spanish

written by owen, 2004-Feb-17

You meet the oddest people in public transportation. Often comment on the name name of my website owensoft; it's not a cool name - I know! Surely it doesn't get me any hot chicks screaming at my door. The name is mostly work related. If you didn't realise I write computer software and alot of it too - maybe too much.
Usually everybody you meet imparts some amount of information, for no apparent reason. I prefer to let forever be.

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ChangeLog » give me a reason to love you

written by owen, 2004-Feb-16

Valenines day is over people time to get back in a logical frame of thinking. Stop killing flowers!
A most can see I've re-added the colors. I have uploaded the new code as yet because I simply don't know whats going to happen once I added the new features. Anyway I'm planning to just through them up and hope that a horde of ignorant web surfers treat it nicely.
the photo section will include (but not limited to):

  • the shadow project : here people will (and must) upload pictures of their favourite shadows. This whole concept came about since most people don't like to have there picture taken (and posted on the web) so I though the next best thing would be thier shadow.
  • the people project: this would be pretty much the same as waferb's group project but more centered on self-loving web people and celebrities.
  • a picture is worth 2 dollars: in this gallery there will be semi weekly photos from jamaica (since I almost always in that country).

Virtually anybody will be able to add stuff, I'll probably make it member only if it gets too crazy.
Any suggestions slash comments are well come (just click the link labeled "comment" )

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Quotes » Clark hornbell on bank tellers

Luck was with me today, and when my turn came, I was directed to the teller with the nice asset management skills. I puffed my chest out ever so slightly, and explained to her what I needed to do. She smiled. I smiled. Things were going well.

Then she just kept on smiling. She didn’t pick up a pen, nor did she grab a form to fill out. The silence grew thick with awkwardness. Maybe she didn’t hear me?

from a rant entitled Brain Transfer

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Logbook » it is 2300 why are you still awake?

written by owen, 2004-Feb-11

I have to get up early in the morning - good knows why. Hopefully I don't die in

transit tommorow. Return to normality is a beach. I expect to have the new colors up by monday - at least.

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Logbook » php is making me lazy

written by owen, 2004-Feb-6

Anyhow I for one spent quiet some time writing my GUI code in turbo pascal. Hours upon hours would be spent trying to achieve something as simple as making a line appear and disappear on screen. But since I started PHP the brain to code transfer speed has improved greatly. If it can't be done in 0.08 seconds it's simply not efficient.

You simply get things done faster. With Java you have all these rules you have to think about. Pointers are a part of nature, somebody has to deal with them. Everything is a string, whether you say so or not. Forcing you to do something doesn't make you write better code.

PHP has the tendancy to make you extremely lazy though. Practically all web programming is lazy code. Short cuts abound. The internet is a big short cut to the real problem with software.
Another thing about php that appeals to me is that it doesn't force you to use/learn other people's stupid coding standards to reach a new solution.

It feels like new code - That's why we code isn't it?

The updates to the website continue. Stay tuned.

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