November 2017

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posted by owen on Wed, 25th Oct.

I have been in a mad rush to publish all the drafts I have in my inbox so that I can reset, get back to regular postings of new things instead of being constipated by old works.

I finally finished NewoSky. Finished is a light word for a weight that has been on my shoulders when it comes to these programming things but it is what it is. I also had to update the screenshot gallery project to handle the extra pictures/data that was being pushed to it.

The next thing I will be working on is cleaning up the news section. I realized that the Jamaica, Caribbean and Trinidad pages were over run with music video links so I will have to put in work to resolve that probably through the use of some kind of artificial intelligence or 3d VR tech. lolz.

After that I will be back to posting regular nonsense in the logbook. God's willing. Creating new mastheads and probably ditching Google Analytics because I serious do not care about your data collection culture.

I am always looking for opinion new blogs, video blogs and stuff to feature on there so let me know if you have a RSS feed I can subscribe to.

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