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ChangeLog » flash project added

written by owen, Wed, 01st Oct 200314 years ago at 2:26 pm

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I've had some swf files on my machine since 2000 (for those who don't know what swf files are don't worry about it ). Anyhow they were technically gathering dust so I uploaded them so that people can laugh at me. Plus it can be considered as content which you might have noticed that I have a lack there of. Most of the animations are unfinished and are best suited for people with high-speed connections or patience.
Though I no longer use the application, others might find my previous stuff interesting.
View The Flash Scrapbook ( 1999-2001 ).

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from eP emptyPictures is photoblog website with photography. Bright cools are cool.

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Guestbook » Detroit burbs

written by Faith, Fri, 12th Sep 200314 years ago at 12:32 pm

Hey Owen, I like the newish design.

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owen commented: yay! :) I'm glad you like the design. Though I wondering what did you mean by 'newish'? ... read 11 more

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written by owen, Thu, 11th Sep 200314 years ago at 2:07 pm read 10096 times.

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Quotes » Michael Sippey on connecting

Sure, I love the fact that so many people read my page. What red-blooded web publisher wouldn't love 12,000 hits on their personal site? But you see, hit counts aren't what it's all about. It's about connecting.
I don't publish this thing to attract thousands of mindless surfers. I publish it out of some strange urge to let my friends (and anyone else who stumbles upon it) know what's on my mind when it comes to technology and the web. I keep doing it because occasionally a friend will send me some feedback, telling me I'm absolutely wrong (or absolutely right), and that I should get back to work (or quit my job and do this full time).

from Hit counts are a head trip (Dec 11, 1995) on

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Technology » The Seeker

written by owen, Tue, 09th Sep 200314 years ago at 10:35 am

I went to the 3rd anual jamaica consumer electronics show last saturday. I didn't buy anything though. I was too pre-occupied by the fact that I didn't have any money.
The net ball team had just lost a game. And I was there looking at uptown girls, flat screen televisions and latin dancers doing the "log on" dance. I saw a few people, watched The Matrix again. Not entirely because there wasn't much space to park. Besides the djs, load music and andell, everything was pretty much in the same place as it was the previous year of the event.
I wasn't disappointed though. It was well done. Not like I had anything better to do anyway.

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