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Technology » provincial digi-freak

written by owen, 2004-Feb-22

I bought a new cellphone last weekend. It was more of a spur of the moment thing. I had too many things in my pockets so one had to get an downsized. I wanted to see how long I could go before I bought a new cellphone, I think 3 years is pretty good.
The previous phone didn't vibrate, nor did it have useless flashing lights. Three years old it was. It worked pretty well but simply wasn't cool enough to carry around anymore. Often times police would mistake it for a 9mm with laser targeting. But I'm no expert.
Now this new phone not only allows people to call me when I'm at lunch, it runs java! yay! If only the games didn't suck - but who plays cellphones games anyway?
So now I have a cellphone that's almost a third the weight of my previous phone. Plus I can use it as a flashlight! No it doesn't have a camera, doesn't make coffee or send me emails when it's lonely.

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shade commented: but you could make a java scrpt so that it would send you emails... ... read 3 more

The Jamaica photo project » sunset in St Catherine

written by owen, 2004-Feb-20

The sunset over portmore in the distance as seen from the Causeway Bridge in St. Catherine 6:07pm. Heavy traffic.

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lameo commented: The best pic I've seen so far :) ... read 2 more

The people project » in public at midday

written by owen, 2004-Feb-20

going anywhere on public transportation at midday usually involves waiting in lines. No subways. 5:21pm Kingston, Jamaica.

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The people project » Angel

written by Sean Bowen, 2004-Feb-18

This is a picture of the girl who has stolen my heart.

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Deck12 commented: Owen mi definitely ago want Angel or Shelly if not both, so when a see you in class lata you can run de raffle thats if you not hooked on Angel still zeen bless up web site agwan good. p.s send mi de bill fi de hook up service. ... read 8 more

The shadow project » shadow owen

written by owen, 2004-Feb-17

It was really hot and I felt like taking a picture with the camera I rented. This is one of my truly original ideas. I was in New Kingston at the time.

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gigi commented: u wanker ... read more