2007 in review

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written by owen on 2008-Jan-06.

Didn't have as many huricanes as promised. A slew of murders towards the end of the year. JLP won. Cashplus brought to light the fact that banks are money loving bastards and pretty soon gold will be the recommended way of saving your money. Even none commercial banks have started charging transaction fees under the quiet. Sooner thatn later they will have scanners in the doors that charge you everytime you walk into the bank office - double if you try to look the teller. more later

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  1. lol why u a look di bank teller dem, u jus waah a link inna di bank.

    does that thing really say i should " totally" comment? you're so blonde...

    and gay

    :P lol

    by coward anon (ok so its ID but u knew that already) 2008-Jan-06 

  2. who are you again? there's nothing I hate more that people who keep changing their nicknames - totally

    by owen 2008-Jan-06 

  3. I just can't manage
    my bank is starting to breathe down my neck too
    pretty soon I'll start sewing up the money in the mattress
    maybe I"ll just be cashing my checks from now on

    by Gods Child 2008-Jan-07 

  4. Pretty much what happened in the past year. All the things of importance anyway.

    by Leon 2008-Jan-08 

  5. I totally agree with this blog.The Owners of the bank have the mentality that the rich must get richer [mocking] and the poor should remain poor and under this economic deprivation that we are currently suffering from the poor will get poorer [cry].Thats why everyone is fighting against cash plus.I hear bigger sus but I aint saying anything.

    by mysterious bitch 2008-Jan-08 

  6. A wonda if a me Owen a throw word pon bout "there's nothing I hate more than people who keep changing their nicknames". LOL

    LMAO @ ID and "so gay".

    by SE 2008-Jan-09