Caribbean Fashion Week 2007

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written by owen on 2007-May-27.

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June 6 - 10 Kingston, Jamaica.

If your gonna drag me out of my house on a sunday, it better not be to see models, capoeira and folk singers. No I don't have the touch. Why must there always be a VIP area? And when you say "complimentary, ultra all-inclusive" what exactly do you mean? It better not be more paint and shrimps.

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  1. Sounds like fun, minus the folk singers.

    by Hayo 2007-May-28 

  2. liberty comes through your own carelessness

    by Gods Child 2007-May-29 

  3. huh? confused

    by owen 2007-May-29 

  4. you let yourself be dragged out of the house. Next time, do your homework and avoid events you know u won't like.

    by Gods Child 2007-May-29 

  5. I'm hampered by conventional things like relationships and a weakness for sweetness. I need to simplify my life. hmm...maybe buy some polo shirts.

    by owen 2007-May-29 

  6. I could see how you could be annoyed by an invitation to go out and see capoeira, folk singers and the like, considering that Sundays in JA are such [sarcasm]riveting, fun-filled days with LOTS to do.[/sarcasm]


    by Simplenigma 2007-May-29 

  7. Its not about the amount of things you do, its about how "satisfied" I am when your done. Quality over quantity dear [confident]

    by owen 2007-May-29 

  8. Nice banner! Is that the Dirty BankGirl

    by madbull 2007-May-29 


    by DLBG 2007-May-29 

  10. DLBG ain't that pretty...

    by twovthree 2007-Jun-03 

  11. I don't mind seeing models as long as they are not skinny!

    by Stunner 2007-May-30 

  12. models are sexy when their skinny

    by kstyle 2007-Dec-05 

  13. Ohh Owen you slacker. Model shows are always fun. A boobie must pop out or neva fix good. Watch attentively and you will catch it. Trust me on that.

    by Tami 2007-May-31 

  14. So DLBG, let Owen post up your picture nuh?

    by mad bull 2007-Jun-03