Shottas and murders

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written by OddOne on 2007-Jun-24.

I sit here 2:28 am on June 24, 2007 befuddled. I cannot understand what would move a human being to take the life of another human being. What kind of preparation does it take to 'mek a duppy'. Is it drug induced? Is it a hobby? What is it? Are these manufacturer assassins? Whats going on...

I'm looking at Yahoo... A policeman was charged with murdering his extramarital girlfriend and his unborn daughter, leaving his 2 year old son motherless and inevitably without a parent... Another was arrested at the funeral home prior to attending a memorial for his wife and his three children, whom he apparently murdered.

All this lead to me remembering the more than a dozen men who torn of the burglar bars to a home and murdered a woman and her 7 year old daughter. What is going on?

I think we have alot of SHOTTAS posing as BUMBOHOLES...

'Shottas'/'Real big man', whatever the hell they are called, have been acting in the capacities as posers ie bumboholes... Shottas are supposed to engage 'enemies' of equal standing...

Babycham has this new single in which he mentions these posers, whom I refer to affectionately as bumboholes, murdering women and children and proceed to go on 'the corner' to brag about it as though its 'cute'.

I passionately plea with these posers to engage 'enemies' of their own standing. Is it that they are afraid that the outcome may not be favorable(being the 'baby & lady badman' that they are) and they'd end up on the Madden or the KPH/Under Police Guard end of the bullets.

BTW FYI I am not defending or endorsing 'Shottaism', but even the mobs and mafias have codes of conducts/rules of engagement...

Word to the Posers, engage the constabulary, military, shottas,other posers... aka bumboholes like yourselves...


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  1. Give it to them my girl fi real ... i have always said why kill an ant and boast, but yuh hide from the lion all the time. We need fi all tun lion and just done the likkle BUMB..... eh em, boy dem... [upset]

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-24 

  2. You can't depend on them to listen to you, so you need to put in for your permit, go range go practice and when them come to tes' you, buss up some shot pon dem like this woman here...

    by madbull 2007-Jun-25 

  3. really these men are deranged. Even men who pick on their own size think long and hard if they are any sort of human being. Sane people know that taking human life changes you and don't just do it for the hell of it.

    by Gods Child 2007-Jun-25 

  4. What would make a person take another person's life? Answer: A total disregard for life itself. And that includes their own. They are hopeless and really have nothing to live for.
    And to top it off they are living in a permanent state of Greed and Unemployment.
    I wish they'd turn on each other though and leave the rest of us alone. :(

    by Ann 2007-Jun-25 

  5. I man bun dem people deh carrying on these disgusting acts.

    by Stunner 2007-Jun-25 

  6. I "long" (for lack of a better term) for those old time mafia gangsters, like the The Godfather. Men that killed with a purpose, men that had some sort of ethic when it cam to killing, not these crazed murderers.

    by Leon 2007-Jun-26 

  7. i have been feeling similarly recently. this week in boston (where i live) an 8 year old was shot by a 7 year old. Murder is all over the news, and it gets nastier each time.

    Unfortunately, I really do believe that this has a lot to do with media. These types of crimes are sensationalized and it's hard to know if they are happening more frequently, or if they are just being reported on more.

    Whatever the case, I think it is all disgusting.

    by Ben Harper 2007-Jun-27 

  8. I know a few people that have taken lives. some good some bad. the bad ones have all paid the wages of the crime though.

    I remember one telling me a story. They smoked weed for hours at a friends house n then they just started talking shit and laughing

    then last thing he said he remembered was one of em getting up and saying yow.. lets sgo chop up someone.. anyone.. comeone lets go.. n just like that they went..

    by taylor 2007-Jun-28