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written by owen on 2007-Jun-15.

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So I got up today and proceded to writing a letter and on top of that ACTUALLY, MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY go to the post office. It had to be done like many things destiny waits on no one. I could have hand written it but I typed it instead because I haven't written anything extensive on paper in such a long time. I suppose I could just walk away.

So I arrive that the Post Office at lunch time. I was surprised that it was still open, empty, and spam free. Unlike other places in Jamaica which seem to be gradually lowering their closing hours, affecting the bottom line and raising their charges. The biggest envelope I could find or the first once suggested. So I brought the envelope to the "Post Office Person" who grave me a stamp. At which point I proceded to seduce the stamp and affix it to the top right edge. It refused stick.

I am not ashamed to admit that my lips don't kiss the way they used to. So I went back to her, from whence cometh my help and asked for the glue so I could force a marriage. She looked at me with a confused look on he face - the confused look that a child gives you when you hand them a carrot instead of a lollypop. She motioned to me instead of kicking me in the shins. Apparently these stamps come with a protected sticky surface now. How far we have come.

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