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written by owen on 2017-Nov-12.



As mentioned in my previous changelog I think I am done with the redesign and general bug fixing of the News Project. I am still digging through the many Artificial Intelligence solutions that are being provide. Might test out IBMs offering next but in the mean time here is what I have completed.

News Project Changelog;
* made a page to re-request the titles of some posts that maybe have been published with draft titles then renamed.
* fixing feedburner feeds especially for comic strips with images in the content.
* rebuilt the aggregator AGAIN! now possible to have featured posts automatically highlighted and included in the main RSS feed.
* toned down the colours on main
* renamed all the layout css styles so that they are more legible
* new masthead
* fixed the query for the Caribbean page so it includes both the jamaican and TT links. Might add more island later.
* featured categories instead of full category/section listing on main page. makes it easier to get to the official music video page if thats all you are interest in.
* added over 20 new blogs and vlogs including; A Daily Dose of Reality: A Jamaican Perspective, Mandeview Journal,Suga Lifestyle, The Jammin' Brit,Tech Jamaica, Francine Derby, Attorney-at-Law, Double-K TV, That New Girl, Devon X Scott Vlogs,
Leron Edgar, Shari Petti, AutoExpertTV, Junksion XLabs Jamaica,
EatAhFood,The Transformation Blueprint Podcast | Paul Stennett, ARC Magazine,Repeating Islands,Jamaica Scene,My Jamaican Vignettes,Right Steps & Poui Trees,jamaicachange,
CaroleBeckford,Adventures from Elle, Ruthibelle,YardEdge

That is pretty must it for now, screenshot attached (I think I need to witch to png images). Next thing I will be working on the long overdue redesign of this blog which I havent touched since 2016.

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