November 2015

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written by owen on 2015-Oct-31.

What have I been doing these past 3-4 months? (Besides making bar charts for food money)

  • I ran out of website storage space since I started uploading 4 mb pictures at an alarming pace in 2015. I've been uploading pictures at a rate of 10x versus previous years.
  • Added a Screenshots project is a collection of old screenshots from games I coded up in C on the Wii. I've had these images on my computer for the longest while and now I can share them online for the world to see. 56k warning; that landing page is 5mb, lol.
  • I fixed the leaderboard page. After goggle chart broke it. This is why I hate CDNs.
  • I added an Official Music Video category to the news project. Was surprisingly easy to hack together. Its a long page of 150 videos that you would probably never see because they get released so quickly. Updated everyday.
  • Also fixed some of the news filters and css admin so that I can auto organise some of the links with magic. The Food category benefits alot from all filtering since I can watch links for keywords and redirect them to a certain category.
  • I have about 5 programming articles that I need to finish editing and push out. You would be surprised how long it takes to write an opinion piece that won't offend all the cheerleaders on social media nowadays. Titles include; "The internet is a tutorial machine", "EMCAScript 6 solves no problems and lets build a rocketship", "Making bad code harder to read".
  • The news project is now UTF8 encoded - mostly. I'm still using JS Masonary to formate the page.
  • Each image in the blog now has a little heart button inside it so users can click it a counter. Javascript and Ajax. AJAX! No its not a like button - its a LOVE button.
  • I've been getting alot of comment spam for the past couple months. I have to constantly be coming up with new ways to filter them out. And no I will not use a facepage comments plugin.
  • The website CSS is now more mobile friendly although I don't know what it will be like next year when everybody starts browsing the internet on their watches.
  • I got a couple pictures of churches
  • There is a still the issue with some people not being able to see this website on thier ISP. I don't have a fix for it. The domain name host is just not telling you where the website is. Not sure why.

That is all I can remember changing for now.

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  1. How are you finding the Masonry script?

    by Satanforce 2015-Nov-01 

  2. It works as advertised. It only fails when you have images without a fixed width

    by owen 2015-Nov-02