February 2015

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written by owen on 2015-Feb-18.

I'm working on several things this year.

Photo Sets

I am slowly adding a new feature to allow more-than-one photo to be added to a post. I will also allow the photos to be laid out in different grid patterns. This change is gonna take a bit of time to get working since wordpress sucks and I have to redo all the admin screens in order to accommodate the more complicated set up.

A like button for the lazy people

I said I would never implement a like button and I have yet to see a good reason for it other than to appeal to social media. But I will work on getting some sort of like/love button on here.

News Section

I think I ironed out most of the problems with the tons of music videos that get posted to youtube on a daily basis. I also added a social media category for those sites who insist on spamming the internet every single day with lists. I am taking them off the main page and implement some kind of limiting factor to control how often they show up.

Thats it for now.

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